Find out about all the wonderful ways staff teams across the University of Birmingham are going GREEN.

From actively monitoring energy consumption to reducing waste, we share a common purpose to embed sustainable work practices into the workplace and to communicate them to colleagues across the campus.

We are the Educational Technology Team in the College of Medical and Dental Sciences, proud winners of a Gold award in the 2014 Green Impact scheme, and winners of a Special Award for Marcus Belben (Environmental Hero) and John Couperthwaite (Spirit of Green Impact). The University is strongly committed to creating a sustainable working environment through this and many other schemes. See our Green Impact report for more.

Class war in the classroom

On Tuesday night I biked across town in the rain to get to ‘Green Drinks’ at Locanta, st Paul’s Square.  I was rewarded for my journey, not just by wonderful pizza and sticky toffee pudding, but meeting some old and new friends to discuss the sticky issue of school reform…Continue reading→

‘Playing out’ on National Playday

Children will be reclaiming the streets for “playing out” to celebrate this year’s National Play Day on Wednesday 6th August 2014. Gaddesby Road, Goldsmith Road, Peacock Road, Wheelers Lane, Woodville Road and Valentines Road in Kings Heath will be temporarily …Continue reading →

Diary of an allotment

Enclosed, photos and other bits from a new (as yet unnamed!) team at the staff Winterbourne allotments: Enclosed, photos and other bits from a new (as yet unnamed!) team at the staff Winterbourne allotments: 17th June We had a lovely … Continue reading

Free biking support

Free bicycle maintenance classes and cycling lessons as part of Centro’s “Smart Network Smarter Choices” sustainable transport initiative, University of Birmingham staff and students are entitled to free cycle training and maintenance classes…continue reading →

Breaking the Fossil Fuel Deadlock

This is a public meeting led by a local consortium of greenies including local Justice and Peace group and  Power for Good.  Also look out for other ‘Green Week’ events including festival on 21st June…continue reading →


Be Creative

Let those creative juices flow and imagine an energy neutral working environment.


Be Inspiring

Think BIG. Dont be limited by your office walls – inspire others.


Be Collaborative

Get together with your colleagues to discuss ideas, develop plans and support each other.


Be Enthusiastic

Be proud of your achievements. Tell your friends. Enthusiasm is infectious !


Be Real

Small changes to your everyday life can make the biggest impact.


Be Green

Take your green awareness beyond the workplace and live your life sustainably.