Green Lanterns Newsletter Crossword Corner

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June Newsletter Crossword Corner

  1. Which creature propels themselves using a small fin on their back which flutters up to 35 times per second?
  2. Which ocean is home to emperor penguins, wandering albatrosses and 90% of the world’s ice?
  3. The black and white colour of Killer Whales is known as disruptive colouration and is a type of what?
  4. In the UK, accents noticeably change every 25 ……?
  5. In Dallas, Texas, an ice sculpture suggested which oil and gas company had known about the science of climate change but failed to act?
  6. Which company has 1,210 producer organisations, operating in 74 countries, with 25% of all farmers and workers being women?



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Environment, Economy and Climate Change: Stages in Transition

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Tuesday 5th July, George Cadbury Hall – Selly Oak Campus


There is a growth in theatre and performance work dealing with the intricate relationship between the environment and economy, referred to by some as the Anthropocene. This is a geological age in which energy and resource consumption habits are creating the conditions for environmental crisis. This time period has not only led to governments globally making difficult moral and ethical decisions, but also to consideration of individual responsibilities towards the environment, and the consequences of our individual and collective actions.

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Green Britain: nationhood and the environment 1500-1750

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Saturday 25th June, 10am-4pm Shakespeare Institute in Stratford-upon-Avon

This is a one day symposium run by the Birmingham Centre for Reformation and Early Modern Studies. The conference aims to investigate the concept of Nationhood as defined by the dynamic that exists between people, place, and space during a period of burgeoning ecological consciousness.


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Ovid’s Garden Party

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Saturday 18th June, 2pm-4pm Winterbourne Gardens

This event is a celebration of the official opening of Ovid’s Garden, a Roman garden recreation project created by Classics, Ancient History, and Archaeology PhD student Miriam Bay.

ovid's garden

All are welcome and entry to Winterbourne is free for staff and students on production of ID card.

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