We represent teams across University of Birmingham, promoting change for a greener more sustainable future . The University is strongly committed to creating a sustainable working environment through this and many other schemes.

Skyride Cycling

British Cycling and Sky have collaborated to help get more people riding bikes. There are a range of ways to get involved, with large events, local guided rides, tips and route ideas. Big Bike Events – these are traffic-free rides … Continue reading →

Mature trees and climate change – why are they overlooked and why are they important?

This seminar is given by Professor Ellsworth on the 9th June, 13:00-14:00 Lecture Room 3, Arts. There is evidence of changes in climate and atmospheric environment around the world. As these changes are rapid and unprecedented in evolutionary history, trees … Continue reading →

Did you know … Genetically Modified Crops

Otherwise known as agricultural biotechnology. Biotechnology is the use of living organisms in production processes. Traditional technologies, such as the use of yeast to make bread or wine, have been used for thousands of years. Agricultural biotechnology has been used …Continue reading →

World Day to Combat Desertification – 17th June

This day is part of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification. The focus this year is “attainment of food security for all through sustainable food systems”. It calls for: A change in land-use practices through smart agriculture and adaptation … Continue reading→

Where’s my next meal coming from?

Well, now we’ve finished live below the line, we don’t have to think about where our next meal comes from, unlike a billion people around the world: In 2015 more than ten times the population of the UK is still in daily … Continue reading →

World Oceans Day – 8th June

World Oceans Day is the UN-recognised day of ocean celebration and action. Celebrations are organised globally – from a large community event to a special announcement, or anything in between – to support action to protect the ocean. The 2015 … Continue reading →

World Environment Day – 5th June

The United Nations encourage worldwide awareness and action for the environment. It is a global platform for public outreach, celebrated in over 100 countries. The theme this year is “Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care.” Evidence suggests that … Continue reading →


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